Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello, is this thing on??

Not a lot of posting here lately, so how about some decent online poker talk?  For anyone lucky enough to still have money in an online account, have you found that the play has been much tighter than the normal online chip dump?  Now seeing that I'm a limit poker specialist, I normally play either 5-10 or 8 -16 and the play has been VERY tight since firepay shutdown.  I'm under the assumption that since people can't fund their account easily, people are much more "safe" with their money since they can't just deposit more after going broke chasing a 2 outer to the river.  I have been more profitable the last 4 weeks online than I ever have.  Is this just a limit phenomenon, or is it happening in the no-limit games as well?


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Ed said...

The micro-limit tables at Bodog are still the same. Lost some today throwing money at a nut flush draw with a sooted Q and some one calling me down with K7. Another one with bottom pair calling a big raise on flop and hitting trips...etc. Left the session down but doubled up on the last hand when I hit 2 pair and someone decided his Q8 was good on a flop of 285 and called my all in after he rereraised me. He reraised to like 2.20 and I put my last $7.50 or so in. Typical micro-limit play so I don't know if these people are getting money from others and then giving away or if they are still depositing.


Matt said...

I have no idea what this post is about because I can't stop staring at that dude's meat long enough to read it.

dan m said...

i think the players with money left in their accounts, too, are obviously the better players.

who knew online cash games would turn essentially into tournaments.