Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 1 2-3
Week 1 LotW - W
Season- 2-3
Season LotW - 1-0

After a very typical 2-3 start, I'm looking to double up today.
NO -1 @ Was
Pit -6.5 @ Cle
Ind @ Min +1.5
Mia +6.5 @ Arz

5-Star LotW:
GB -3 @ Det

Good luck all in.


Ed said...

Guessing you did not double up. 1-4 right? Unless that 5 Star was a big chunk of the bankroll. Pitts hurt me. It was the only football play I did on Sunday.

son of sue said...

ed, 1-4 is not good at all. I hate Pit and will never bet on Mia again. With that being said, I loaded up on GB so that helped out a lot.

Ed said...

yeah i may have to follow your LotW picks. I just need to remember and check here first thing on Sundays.