Friday, September 19, 2008

Batfaces at Texas Mid-Am

Reporting live from Lakewood CC where Fawcett and Tiny B look to dominate. Fawcett teed off this morning and Tiny tees off in about 15 minutes. Pictures and updates to follow.

Early prediction: one of tiny's playing partner, who we will refer to as Curly Douche, will either shoot a 94 or quit at the turn.

Score update: thru 2- Tiny E, CD+1, MM +1

MM just told me "good shot". Confused.

GWILF update: nothing really to speak of. Very disappointing. Will post pics soon.

Score update after some massive bad beats put on tiny by 2 trees and a fence: thru 6- tiny +6, cd +1, mm +2

Score update: thru 9- Tiny +6, Me +2 margaritas

Margarita update: The bad: while overall a good rita, not nearly as good as Bent Trees. The Great: you can charge drinks to accts at other clubs. Thanks, K493!

Last update because the 3G battery sucks ass. Tiny hates golf, MM and CD still suck, margaritas are always a good call,Fawcett shot a 78 and thum says buy gas now. Go Batfaces.

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Anonymous said...

All in all, my 78 was as good as it could have been. I slightly hate golf yet hate Lakewood more. Go PGA TOUR Qualifying?

Fawcett. Fuck.