Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reason # 1,989 Why I don't Workout


Tagg said...

I hereby offer to underwrite the hiring of 5 Chinese women to follow TBR around Nevada with those privacy shields to keep out prying eyes and camera phones.

Amber said...

Reasons 10 thru 1:

10. Too much laundry.
9. I'm already in pretty good shape. Just ask Stephen, Terry or Rick.
8. Fawcett won't let me.
7. If I get too ripped, I'd probably have to fight off Clark's girlfriend. Again.
6. 3 words: Not enough Under Armour.
5. Don't want to wreck my table image at the Donkey Room.
4. What would I do with my size size 54-19 shirts from Brooks Brothers?
3. Too many chicks at gyms.
2. Running makes me sober.
1. Would get arrested for dropping weights on TBR's head.