Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Batface Gymnastics Team

While waiting for NBC's profile of swimmer Michael Phelps, I managed to catch a little bit of the Men's Team Gymnastics last night and had an idea. I no longer think we should focus on being America's Best Dance Crew. Instead, Batface Team Gymnastics. The following roster is not news to Tiny B or Sommer. It's not final, either:

Son of Sue: Floor Exercise
Sommer: Rings (no brainer)
Freeze: Parallel Bars
Me: Uneven Bars (though it's technically a chick event only, I intend to break down that barrier)
Shane: Rhythmic Dance (see above)
Tiny B: Vault (originally thought Pommel Horse, but vault showcases his explosion off the line)
Tim: Pummel Horse
Randy vs. Celeste for Balance Beam. OR, Randy AND Celeste for the first-ever Paired Balance Beam Entry. Two Boys One Beam.


TBR said...

balance beam is also, technically, a girl event. So it really should be Eric's. I'd like to do the high bar since that seems to be open.

Anonymous said...


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Gripper said...

I don't get an event? :(