Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fantasy Poker

The First Annual Batface Fantasy Poker Draft is finished. Below are the teams and my predictions

Tiny B - JC Tran, Gavin Smith, Scott Fischman, Tony Cousineau, Max Pescatori, Layne Flack, Rhett Butler, John D'Agastino

TBR - Daniel Negreanu, Nam Le, Roland DeWolfe, Alex Jacob, Nenad Medic, Can Hua Kim, Robert Mizrachi, Nick Shulman

Aaron M - Jamie Gold, Greg Raymer, TJ Cloutier, Devilfish, Carlos Mortenson, John Duthie, Paul Phillips, Randy Brown

Son of Sue - Grinder, Joe Hachem, David Daneshgar, Anthony Reategui, Joe Tehan, Gioi Luong, An Tran, Ralph Perry

Guns - Men Master, John Hoang, Barry Greenstein, Scooty Nguyen, James Van Alstyne, Kathy Leibert, Chad Brown, Eugene Todd

Shane - Phil Hellmuth, Erik Lindgren, David Williams, Michael Binger, Kenna James, Sam Farha, Marcel Luske, Hoyt Corkins

Tulsa - Ted Forrest, David Pham, John Cernuto, Jesus Ferguson, Bill Elder, Al Barberi, Tony Ma, Humberto Brenes

Dan - John Juanda, Steve Wong, Eric Seidel, Huck Seed, Jeff Madsen, Harry Demitriou, Tom Schneider, Annie Duke

Adam - Allen Cunningham, Phil Ivey, Shannon Shorr, Joe Sebok, David Plastik, David Singer, Chris McCormack, Lance Allred

Gonz - Mike Matusow, Jen Harman, Dewey Tomko, Phil Laak, Andy Bloch, Lee Watkinson, Jeffrey Lisandro, Patrik Antonios

Predicted Order of Finish -

1. Tiny B

2. Adam

3. Son of Sue

4. TBR

5. Guns

6. Tulsa

7. Shane

8. Gonz

9. Dan

10. Aaron


Gonz said...

Lots of strong teams. My predictions:

Shane (this pains me)
Tiny B
Gonz (an all free agent squad!)
Son of Sue

Tulsa said...

Humberto = victory

hungerfan said...

Did Aaron pick his own team or was this a cruel joke by the rest of you guys? Think I see 2 people on there worth a shit.


Dantana said...

i will take any wager (with odds) that i finish higher than 9th.


p.s. we shoulda said this before the season started, so i will post it now since i don't have a stake ... but i think we all should be able to have ourselves on our fantasy team.

hungerfan said...

are you wanting to lose that bad, Dan?

Renata said...

People should read this.