Wednesday, January 10, 2007

De Gustibus non Disputandem est

The other night, resident Batface Genius Matt Sommer commented that we haven't issued our rankings in a while. I used to compile the rankings while Matt Comstock, my former boss and current Prick-Stick Poster Boy for the New Millennium, collected the accompanying photos.

Since these rankings were not collected in real-time, they quickly became outdated the minute they were produced. This year, a self-ranking system appears to be the best way to go. As such, Batface Swollen Head Randy Brown (aka TBR) is first to issue the following assessment of his play (here referencing a much higher-stakes game than our standard Thursday night Donk-Fest).

It couldn't have played out any better (unless I'd won more, I guess). Troy sucked out me early to the tune of $1600 or so. But I small-balled my way back all night and finished up 2400. Never really had to make any tough decisions or play any big pots. Classic A-game TBR. it was like I was sort of floating above the table with my big bear mits just kind of poking at the soft little bunnies. Plus, Troy owes it to me and is going to give it to me in Tunica (meaning I don't have to lug as much cash out there, which is nice).


TBR said...

By far, the best part about this post is the picture. So insane. In my simple defense, I (a) did not write that e-mail and (b) don't play in a big game.

Sommer said...

When did Thum go to Hawaii?