Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clonie Watch

The World Poker Finals at Foxwoods in CT are down to the final 30 in the $10k Main Event and Clonie is well into the money hanging in 20th in chips. Already guaranteed 20k+, Clonie will once again take the lead in Batface money winnings in 2006. The money gets serious once they get down to 20, with the winner taking home $1.7ish million. Clonie is not the only chick doing well. Kathy Leibert and Mimi Tran are among the top 10 in chip stacks. And girl-like Daniel Negreanu is still alive as well.

UPDATE: From Cardplayer.com

Clonie Gowen Eliminated 25th ($25,872)
Dan Sevigny moves all in for the over $300,000 from the cut off. Clonie Gowen calls all in from the button, and Chris Boyadjian calls in early position. Sevigny shows the 99, Gowen turns over the KK and Boyadjian flips up the A7. The board brings the AQ932 and Sevigny eliminates Gowen and doubles through Boyadjian with a set of nines.