Friday, November 24, 2006

12 - 7

Quite possibly the greatest day of my life.


Anonymous said...

As long as this secures four more years of Coach Fran, it's not too bad for me either.

Mack Brown

TBR said...

Wow, and headed to the Holiday Bowl. To think, that's usually reserved for great teams like Tech.

Dan M said...

and that's why i am prejudiced against all "a&m people" -- because really, what kinda pathetic life must you live if a football victory carried out by people who don't even know you is your greatest accomplishment?

though in that context, it does make a little more sense why a&m people feel compelled to vigorously high-five every first down.

NOTE: if this post is referring instead to celebrating Robert Gates' appointment as Secretary of Defense, then I take it all back.

son of sue said...

I kinda feel the same way about people who, under "poker accomplishments", list winning a 2-7 Triple Draw Bracelet on the WSOP Playstation 2 game.