Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Welcome to Pokerstars

I first played internet poker around 4 years ago, I guess, and then it was the crazy limit games at Yahoo! (It was the only game I could play at work without downloading any software). Then, about a year later, I finally ventured over into the real money realm with Party Poker. I only chose Party because it seemed to be the easiest to fund at the time. I funded my account by buying phone cards, being too stupid to understand how Firepay or Neteller work.

As a result of the recent legislation, we all know Party is done in the US. While I believe that Party's and other online sites' corresponding public cowering is absurd (and not very forward-looking), I've had to shift my allegiance to pokerstars (may join over at Full Tilt, too). Perhaps more incredibly, I've actually figured out how to create a Neteller account. (I may or may not be up $15 in my new playground.) Go Poker. Go Batfaces!

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