Sunday, October 01, 2006

We Love Big Todd!

Big Todd is out in 5th. Aces cracked. Cashed $19,900. Hurty, but, you know, Go Big Todd! Go Batfaces! '06 is instantly the Year of Tiny B.
UPDATE: So, so hurty. Five handed, Todd is in the little blind with $60K in chips. Big Blind has $15k, blinds are 4-8 thou. Obviously, he isn't doing anything until Big Blind risks his stack. Unless... Folded to button, who moves $140K all-in to isolate the BB. Todd looks down and sees As-Ac. Calls, BB of course folds hoping Todd goes out. Flop comes A-x-x with two hearts. Turn is a heart. River a king. Hurt. Y.


Gonz said...


Congrats. I always knew you were better than Tulsa and TBR (I won't mention Shane, because he's barely better than Dan); now you've proven it.

That said, I did not compete in said tour-nah-munt, and therefore it doesn't count as much as you'd like to believe.

Gonz said...
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Ed said...

Congrats Todd. Curious to see how much you get after Uncle Sam takes his %.