Sunday, April 02, 2006

Batface Links Tourney Update: Post Round One

Following a disappointing opening round, our heroes opted to vent some steam by touring Tyler's finest entertainment establishments. Unfortunately, the evening turned sour as Scott and Todd may or may not have gottrn drunk enough to:

Interestingly, our heroes may not have been the drunkest Batfaces this evening...or even the drunkest idiots in Texas. That honor may go to Batface exmplar Mark Craig, who may or may no longer be a member of Bent Tree Country Club, pending and emergency meeting of the board of directors and the disciplinary council. Additionally, Mark's girlfriend has also now eraned the title of honorary Batface.

These drunken exploits were greeted wholeheartedly by fellow Batface moron Tim Rogers.

Uh...go Batfaces?


Fawcett said...

1. We did not in fact piss off the early evening hosts.
2. I remembered the nightspot, Tiny B did not.
3. We won.
4. There was no attempt to coax any locals back to the hotel.
5. Loops are confusing by nature.
6. The chicken was good, did anyone know that Church's drips honey all over their biscuits? Good call there.
7. Todd is no insisting there was not a vomit.

Congrats to both Peaches and Rogers for what sounds like a great performance, even better than Todd giving me shit for hitting the wrong ball on 10 in the first round only to have him hit the wrong ball on 10 in the final that even possible?

Go Batfaces!
I mean it can only get better from here.

Tiny B said...

Is Shane really pointing out absurd drunken behavior?

Tiny B said...


Fawcett said...

Especially with that goat on his face.

Gentle Shane said...


What I was doing was just...uh...blogging as you had requested me to. I can neither confirm nor deny anyone's behavior and my post must be classified as hearsay at best.

As it is, isn't the point of this blog to entertain? And let's face it, lies are much funnier than the truth.

That being said, Fawcett loves the goat.