Monday, January 23, 2006

The Reason for This Site's Existence

The Batfaces played in a tournament Saturday and did poorly. One year ago, we would have detailed this on Dan Michalski's web site. The reason The Batfaces site exists is because most of us are fascinated by how the confluence of math, personality, and luck conspire to make poker so addictive. The reason this site exists is to explore this (as well as to chronicle other poker-related b.s.), and Dan, bless his heart, isn't capable of understanding this. He believes if you win, you are good, and if you lose, you are bad, and that is the heart of what makes posts such as this so funny, in a sad sorta way. Taking my play as an example, he doesn't realize that I played better in this tournament than I did in a 50-person Platinum Room tourney a few weeks back, even though I came in fourth in the PR tourney. To him, that is impossible. To place 25th is worse than placing 4th, therefore you must have played worse. To argue this point with him is to argue with an anthropomorphic bong.

Quick example of how results don't indicate good decisions: I went out in 25th-or-so place in both this weekend's tourney and the TBR tourney last year. Both times I was all-in pre-flop with 99s against A-10 suited. Both times a 10 came on the flop and I was out. In the TBR, I played the hand horribly and felt awful. Here, I played it the only way I could and got out-raced.

At the TBR, I was in early position and, for some reason (scared of everyone behind me, looking to hit a monster if I tripped up, something stupid like that) simply called the BB. Three others called before Adam raised it in late position. Now, I should have folded here with everyone to act behind me. OR I should have raised before the turn and had a better read of what was going on. I did neither, obviously. At this point, I re-raised all-in, was called by A-10 behind me (who thought I was trying to steal), and I lost heads-up. I hated the way I played the hand.

Saturday, however, it was pretty simple: I had been crippled when someone decided that, even with Kings, he was going to push all in after the flop with an ace and after I raised all-in. He was in fuck-it, go home mode, and so even though I made a sound play to represent the ace, I didn't take his mood into account and was properly punished for it. After that, I only have 5 times the BB, so when I see 99, I push in, am called by A-10 suited, 10 comes, that's life.

At the TBR, I played a hand poorly and was punished. At the Invitational on Saturday, my biggest poor decision was not to re-raise a too-aggressive player in an earlier post-flop situation, which would have given me enough chips to survive the mis-read I made on the guy ready to push and go home. Seemingly similar last hands and place-finishes had nothing to do with a self-evaluation of my play.


dan m said...

on the kk hand ... were there any flush or straight threats on the flop? if not, i woulda called your all-in with KK (or even QQ), too. why? because if you really had an ace you wouldn't be trying to push me off the hand. if you had AK or two pair, you woulda been trying to extract more money from me. if you had A-x, you woulda made a bet to figure out where you stand against me ... i know this because you are a good player.

with that said, in regard to my assessment of batface play, hey, it's not always all about you, tulsa.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI,

In the TBR hand you describe, Dan was the button and coldcalled with AKo after an MP 2x raise and another coldcaller. You were the small blind with 99 and I was the BB with AhTh and had the table coveredx2 so I pushed. Not that I remember. :-)

Nice playin' with ya this weekend.

Tulsa said...

Dan, your comment makes sense, although in my speed typing I didn't describe the hand accurately, as Anonymous can attest, as he was at my table. SB min-raised pre-flop (blinds 200-400), me (BB) called, trying to represent a baby ace or a small pair. (I'd been very, very tight and yet gotten paid off twice with A-A and a few other premium hands.) Flop comes A-10-X with two of a suit (clubs?), he checks, I bet twice the pot, he pushes all in, I have him covererd and want to fold but reluctantly have to call another 900. My J-8 hearts is drawing against his K-K. J on the turn gives me hope, but river is another K. That said, Anonymous, well-remembered, although mcgill made the re-raise, I'm pretty sure, one seat before Dan. Dan called it. Which brings us back to Dan. Dan, that said, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I cannot disagree with respect to your comments on Dan, but will disagree about the action on previous year's hand AT v. 99.

And I remember your J8 hand and I remember your going into the tank on his allin. And I was thinkin', "he (you) has to call with any two cards, and he probably now realizes that SBs minraise was a monster, and he can only fold if he's certain the minraise was AA, and he can't be certain, so it sucks to be him."

I'm convinced I'd be an extraordinary player if I lived in Dallas and got to play with youse guys a bunch. Nobody in my group down here thinks of poker as anything other than how many wild cards are allowed.

***Sigh*** Maybe I'll start posting on 2+2

dan m said...

now i am even more confused. you guys do realize that i wasn't playing, don't you? i was just there running the thing.