Tuesday, December 09, 2008

And the Award Goes To...(Episode 3)

From the get go, it appeared that several contestants had the right stuff to be called Batface Playa of the Year, However, many of our clan faced early hardships.

The silkiest and smoothest Batface bowed to competition early due to the release of his progeny. A similar fate also took out this guy, this guy and this guy. Interestingly enough, this guy seemed to jump back in the game thanks to his ongoing "i can get beefier than you" bet with this guy. However, his love affair with this has relegated him to second tier status.

Our favorite and most mysterious Batface has lurked all-over the Playa map this year, but a recent dedication to this instead of this and this leaves us wondering.

We also expected a stronger showing from the all-time Batface Playa, but he has either curtailed his activities or is simply keeping them to himself, which could be the most intelligent thing a Batface has ever done.

In the end, this was a one horse race. The man who was once lambasted for his inability to communicate with the opposite sex made a certain lady swoon, often sending her off to work the following morning with a bruised and dented womb. Our hero decided to make an honest woman out of her, meaning that the time of the Freeze has passed. Enter now, the era of the Friesz.

Oh yeah, and he made partner...or something.

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Sommer said...

awesome, and shockingly high-road. hopefully the latter will be corrected in coming posts.