Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This weekend ought to be a defining moment for Texas Aggie football and thus, for the future of Texas A&M.  If Texas Tech comes to Kyle field and puts up a 50 spot and the Aggies don't happen to score 51, then there will be trouble for our favorite university.  I almost wish the game was not televised nationally, but hopefully, since it is an 11am kickoff, many of our potential recruits will still be asleep.

Look for the Aggies to be resting in peace come halftime when Tech lights up the scoreboard for at least 28 first half points to our 3.  

Oh well, maybe next year is the year!  

Prediction:  Tech 57, Ags 37
The good news is the Ags cover the 21 point spread.  
Gig 'em

P.S.  Watch, because of this post, A&M pulls off the upset.


Gentle Shane said...

Watch, because of this post, you'll remain an insignificant part of this site. I still have no idea how in the hell you were ever given posting privileges.

Get your guns up.

Dana said...

i hate you