Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vote for Hamilton

Do your part to make sure our legitimate Triple Crown threat starts the All-Star game.


Gentle Shane said...

Do you think MLB officials will like this ballot which I just submitted 25 times?

First Base: Broussard, B., TEX
Second Base: Grudzielanek, M., KC
Third Base: Blake, C., CLE
Shortstop: Everett, A., MIN
Catcher: Johjima, K., SEA
Outfielder: Byrd, M., TEX
Outfielder: Hamilton, J., TEX
Outfielder: Wilkerson, B., SEA
Designated Hitter:
Write-in: Jason Botts

First Base: Ortmeier, D., SF
Second Base: Nix, J., COL
Third Base: Bautista, J., PIT
Shortstop: Wilson, J., PIT
Catcher: Bard, J., SD
Outfielder: Ankiel, R., STL
Outfielder: Taveras, W., COL
Write-in: Corey Patterson

Tiny B said...

First funny thing written or said by Shane in 172 days.

Gentle Shane said...

Look at Todd shaking of 5 years of digruntlement and posting something jovial...sort of.