Friday, July 06, 2007

SNG domination

We pick up this match 12 hands in....

Hand 13: Tiny B vs. noND and its a dead heat.

Hand 16: On a board of 8J7AQ, nd bets out 120 into a 160 pot. TB folds. ND dominating

Hand 21: a raise preflop by nd means its time for a reraise by TB. Aggression wins once again. TB takes the lead

Hand 32: booorrriiinnnng

Hand 36: TB raises big preflop and nd fold. TB then shows 'the todd" and the crowd goes wild.

Hand 40: TB is very limpy. Calls a bet on the AK4 flop, check the K turn and bets out 180 on the river. ND folds. TB shows a Jack high bluff. ND very tilty...

hand 41: MAN DOWN!!! ND raises to 180 preflop, tb reraises to 450 and ND pushes. ND show the zach (QJ off) and Tiny B tables AA. The board blanks out and we are a full $11 richer. Ship it!!!!

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