Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The loneliest / worst people on earth

hang out at the hotel bar. This place makes me sick. One one side of the bar is nothing but douchebag morons form Kentucky trying to impress their douchebag moron coworkers form Ohio. The other side of the bar is the lonely and twice divorced sales rep from Virginia still working at age 67 and still traveling cross country 9 months a year to put his slutty/ungrateful bitch of a daughter through community college. And all these fuckers want to do is talk. I just want a overpriced, not-sure-its-really-meat cheeseburger, 4 beers, and the Yankee - Rangers game on TV they won't shut the fuck up. The waitress is fat, the bartender may be a dude, and the tv might as well be black and white. So what ends up happening? I drink 6 beers and end up taking 2 shots of vodka. (I love Vodka). I hate these people.

Go Batfaces


Anonymous said...

What I want to know/understand is why you put/place so many slash/dividers in your blog/posts. Is that really helpful/necessary?

son of sue said...

Yes. Fuck/you

Anonymous said...

Is this at a Bar in NYC?

Straight E

Anonymous said...

It's actually a new "trend" in writing ... catering to an ADD society I suspect. Air quotes, of course, were hot in 2005.