Thursday, May 18, 2006

Minh Raises

Speaking of Phil Gordon and min raises, here you go. I think his analysis is solid and basic, except he doesn't take into account players like Dan, who min raise because raising is fun.


Tulsa said...

Dan doesn't raise because it's fun. Dan raises for the same reason he always tries to administer the shocker on a first date: for information.

Gentle Shane said...

Excellent analysis, Eric. And it brings to mind my all-time favorite first date quote from Dan: "Oh that a polyp? And wait, what is that?!? IS THAT A DICK?!?!? Well, I guess that's still hot."

Dan said...

Fair Enough

Dan M said...
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Dan M said...

Though I will undoubtedly change my strategy now ... a min-raise from me means one of three things:

1. i have suited connectors. want to build a pot in the case i hit -- yet allowing me to get out cheap and/or convey false strength when i don't.

2. i have an absolute monster and am trying to entice a re-raise.

3. i have absolutely nothing and want to entice a fold from a player who believes i have a monster.